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We’re not going to lie to you: it might take a while for you to notice the beneficial effect of Propecia (finasteride). You can’t expect to start taking the medication and expect to see the results in three weeks, and not even in three months. Depending on your age, the weakening of your hair follicles by DHT may have been going on for years or even decades.

When you start using finasteride, it takes the medicine several months to simply bring down the levels of DHT in your blood. After that, when your follicles are no longer affected by the pharmaceutical, the recovery of your hair begins. Cycle after cycle, your hair follicles (and the hair they produce) are going to become stronger, and eventually the results of your treatment will show.

Given that the average hair growth cycle is around three months, plus the cycles are separated by dormancy periods (the first one of which may be extended by Propecia), you might have to wait for up to two years to actually see the improvement from taking the pharmaceutical. Men who respond to finasteride treatment very well may experience a complete hair loss halt after 4 months of taking Propecia. Others are more likely to notice the beneficial effect after at least 12 months. So don’t expect a miracle to happen once you start using Propecia, be patient, and have faith in hundreds of positive user reviews, as well as clinical studies showing that finasteride is highly effective in stopping hair loss.

Is Taking a Smaller Dose of Finasteride Still Going to Work?

Conducting clinical studies with participants who receives very small doses of Finasteride allowed researchers to observe that finasteride can prevent hair loss even when taken in fractions of the normal dose. However, they also concluded that 1mg is the optimal dose that allows to DHT to be inhibited enough for successful follicle recovery.

While inhibiting DHT with smaller doses is still successful at least to a certain extent, you run the risk of both reducing your chances for success and extending the time period required for finasteride to deliver visible hair loss treatment effect. Thus, most men usually start with the 1mg dose, and if it is well-tolerated (which is the case for the vast majority of them), they go on to take this dose throughout the whole treatment course.

Before you buy finasteride wit bitcoin, ethereum or USDT it is recommended to define the suitable dosage. Should you happen to have a problem with the 1mg dose, you can cut it down to 0.75mg, 0.5mg, or even 0.25mg. Even the smallest amounts are going to be helpful, but the general recommendation for most men is 1mg. Propecia pills come in standard 1mg dosage, and so do generic finasteride ones. If you need a smaller dosage, you can use a pill splitter (easily obtainable at your local pharmacy), or even a kitchen knife to split the pills and obtain the required custom dosage.

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