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Since modafinil was developed in the 1980s, there have been many studies to test its impact on the recipients’ health and mental well0being. Most of them were conducted on animals, but the results are can be applied to human modafinil users, too. The vast majority of researchers who worked with modafinil agree that the drug is capable of increasing alertness and concentration without causing any major adverse reactions. At our bitcoin pharmacy you can buy modafinil with bitcoin BTC , Ethereum (ETH) or USDT online, and get high quality generic Provigil from Sun Pharma, India.

One study on rats was able to shed some light on another beneficial quality of modafinil. Rats who received modafinil doses on a regular basis were registered to intake less food, and as a result, they gained weight. There were no changes to the drink-feed ratio, and this “weight-loss” effect did not seem to be dependent on modafinil dosage administered. This led the researchers to believe that modafinil interferes with the body’s mechanisms regulating metabolism and somehow speeds it up.

Studies conducted on human participants often compare modafinil and amphetamine in their impact on the users’ health. A group of researchers described amphetamine as a medication that increases one’s vigilance, and modafinil as a medication that would promote vigilance. This means that amphetamine users would indeed stay alert and focused hours after taking the medication, but they had no option of going to sleep. Meanwhile, modafinil recipients have a much higher degree of control over their mental state – they can choose to stay awake and alert, or go to sleep, in which case the modafinil dose they took would not be a hindrance.

Even More Studies Find Modafinil Safe and Extremely Effective
One clinical trial focused on a number of volunteers who agreed to stay awake for 60 hours. Their alertness and overall mental well-being were being assessed continuously by using a set of specifically developed tests. Some participants were receiving a dose of modafinil every 8 hours, while the others only got a placebo pill. Researchers were able to observe a significant difference in the behavior and test performance of subjects in both groups. The modafinil group stayed vigilant with less mental effort, performed better in tests and did not have “micro-sleep” episodes, while the placebo group lacked concentration and were drifting off into micro-sleep from time to time.
Several studies conducted in France came to the conclusion that modafinil was highly effective yet safe. It reduced drowsiness in over three-fourths of all study participants, regardless of which disorders they had. At the same time, it did not interfere with their sleep and did not cause them to become dependent. When asked to rate the beneficial effects of modafinil on the scale from 3 (excellent) to 0 (no effect), almost 65% of all subjects rated modafinil as “excellent” which is quite an impressive result. In an earlier study conducted on patients with hypersomnia, modafinil had to

be rated from 4 (excellent) to 0 (no effect). 17% of all participants found that modafinil had an “excellent” effect, 63% described it as “good”, and a further 17% as “fair”. Finally, only 3% of all patients found that modafinil had no effect on them. Less than 10% of all subjects developed modafinil side effects, and in the majority of cases, the adverse reactions could be reduced or eliminated by reducing the patient’s modafinil dosage.
Such positive results were repeatedly obtained in multiple other smaller-scale clinical studies. The researchers all agreed that modafinil’s efficiency, combined with the fact that it causes few side effects and no addiction, makes it truly stand out among the traditional central nervous stimulants. Modafinil could be a “new-generation” drug with a lot of yet undiscovered and unused potential. You can buy modafinil for bitcoin and ethereum today for the lowest market price.

Modafinil for Military Purposes
In several countries, modafinil has even been studied by the armed forces. In fact, there is data suggesting that modafinil has already been used for facilitating military operations not once. Using central nervous stimulants to induce vigilance and alertness in troops is certainly not a new practice. The French Foreign Legion is known to have used modafinil during secret operations in Iraq multiple times in the course of the Gulf war.
Professor Michel Jouvet, a renowned expert on sleep, claims that modafinil is a drug that could keep an army awake and ready for combat for days. What is more, he actually believes that such performance would have no effect on the troops’ mental well-being, and estimates the side effects of modafinil to be minimal. With that in mind, it is no surprise that according to unofficial sources, modafinil is successfully used in the air forces in the USA, Belgium, and Denmark.

Modafinil Dosages and Side Effects
Before you buy modafinil for bitcoin it is important to check potential side effects caused by generic Provigil. Long-term studies (lasting at least three years) have been conducted to find out whether modafinil has some serious adverse effects. Most subjects respond to modafinil treatment extremely well and have no side effects complaints. In some subjects, modafinil would cause mild headaches and nausea, while a very small percentage of patients reported experiencing hypersalivation and tachycardia (rapid heart rate). This correlates with the fact that patients who have cardiovascular disorders have to use modafinil with caution and only under medical supervision. Patients who suffer from serious liver or kidney disorders are advised to refrain from using modafinil, and so are pregnant and breastfeeding women.
The exact nature of modafinil interactions with other drugs has not been researched enough to this day, but researchers all agree that as an alpha-adrenergic agonist, modafinil should not be combined with alpha-adrenergic antagonist drugs, such as beta-blockers, phentolamine, or prazosin. In addition, drugs that are known to have an impact on norepinephrine activity should be combined with modafinil with caution because of the possible “double effect” and adverse effects complications. For instance, using modafinil with Adrafinil (a drug that is known to increase the potency of most anti-epileptic medications) should only be carried out under the supervision of an experienced healthcare professional.
Dosages seem to have less impact on modafinil efficiency, while regular use is clearly a factor to reckon with. If your goal is to stay awake and focused throughout the day, you will do well with a single 100 mg dose of modafinil in the morning, a follow-up dose in the afternoon and a third dose in the evening if you wish to enjoy the effect of generic Provigil at nighttime, too. In other words, you can take a 100 mg dose of modafinil and count on it to keep you alert for the next 8 hours. If you need to prolong the effect, simply take another dose.
Narcolepsy, hypersomnia, and cataplexy patients usually have to take larger doses of modafinil, ranging from 200 mg and up to 600-700 mg. However, it is advisable to keep single doses of modafinil below 500 mg because otherwise, a feeling of euphoria, restlessness, and motor excitation could become an issue.

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